What a fabulous surprise A review of Hotel Fifu

Who would have expected, in a "frontier town" to find the treasure that we did. Fifu, Jitu and their staff were amongst the most courteous and truly caring folks we found during our entire trip. We arrived on an overnight train at 5 am. Jitu settled us into a rickshaw and sped back to the hotel ahead of us to arrange a room for us to stay in till our room would be available!! There was no paperwork to deal with, or any questions, simply courteous concern.

We awoke in a lovely room with a view of a plain, some homes and folks going about their agricultural business.

Breakfast on the roof was delicious, prompt, and accompanied by lovely morning ragas. and a stunning view of the Fort.

We were welcomed warmly by Fifu and JItu and served by staff that quickly felt like family.

The hotel is a 10 minute walk from the Fort and far enough away from the bustle of the city to appreciate the oasis of quiet and calm. The guests were both international and Indian, and somehow the unobstrusive friendly manner of the staff extended to the guests as well.

Our room was lovely, well decorated, bathroom was clean and hot water was plentiful.

An added delight of the guest house was the availabilty of the family barber for a shave and a welcome scalp and face massage, the family driver was called upon for a safe and scenic drive to Pushkar, our next destination.

Fifu has also instituted a "tip box". Instead of feeling besieged by hands always stretched out for a "baksheesh" - a private box is provided for those feeling that the lovely services were worth offering a tip for.

An extra offering of the guest house, is a day long fascinating jeep tour to some of the surrounding villages. Jitu and Fifu seem to know many of the inhabitants of the villages, so we were able to meet folks in the villages we entered, and enjoy cups of Chai or learn a bit more about their way of life. A real treat and a worthy day long venture. The trip included a stop (by our request) at a school that has been built by an NGO, Ecoles de la Terre and supported in part by the guest house! Sadly it was after hours so we were unable to see the children from the 3 surrounding villages attend the only school that would be available to them - FREE.

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