What a dump! A review of Santa Ynez Valley Marriott

This place is a complete and total dump. Don't believe everything you read in the other reviews. Yes, the hotel "lobby" has been redecorated, but I think the rooms date back to the 70's. We looked at two rooms because the first room they put us in was disgusting. Old dark brown cabinetry in the bathroom and dressing area. It was very dirty looking. The sofa in the TV area looked like it had seen better days, and was filthy. I pulled back the sliding glass door drapes, only to find that we had a lovely view of the large concrete wall separating the rooms from the pool area. The second room that I looked at was on the other side of the hotel, same disgusting interior, only it had a view of a beautiful large electrical box. And the hotel is right on the freeway, so it's extremely noisy. On top of that they wanted $199 per night. Save your money and stay at the Royal Scandinavian Inn in Solvang. Much much better and cheaper. This place is a pithole. Get with the program, Marriott. Your redecorated lobby had us fooled, but only for a moment.

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