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I love Tripadvisor and am never one to write letters, but it's our turn to return the favor.

Lobby is disorienting -check-in desks tucked behind large chunks of walls. We literally had to walk up and down the hallways to figure out which desk to go to to check-in. Surprised that the lobby wasn't more appealing -layout left alot to be desired.

The rooms are very nice -very typical Westin rooms. Only complaint with the rooms were the towels were not yet washed -still had the factory smell and were not absorbant. Love the idea of never-been-used towels, but they must be washed before the first use.

The area around the hotel is not developed yet so be prepared to eat at the hotel (breakfast was $60 for 4 -although pricey the food was pretty good) or drive to a restaurant. Starbucks around the corner is still under construction (we were very disappointed by this especially since the hotel restaurant waitress served a to go cup of coffee in a Starbucks cup that I really think was the hotels own budget coffee. The restaurant coffee really lacked.

I agree with the other review about being nickle and dimed. We were disappointed to get the complex parking fee schedule -I would have been much more satisfied with the $10 day fee if they let you come and go as you please. Everytime you leave you incur additional expense. The Westin's website is not specific on the parking rates (the front desk wasn't sure either).

If the swimming pool is important to you, verify the times it is open. It was only open from 6am to 9am and then again for a brief period at night. This was useless for us and a big disappointment -the pool was one of the reasons we were willing to pay the higher price for the rooms here. They may as well not have a pool.

I thought the check-in staff were very friendly. This hotel needs a few more months or more to figure things out. All in all I think it has potential, but I would recommend staying a little closer to town for now.

Wonder why the Westin hasn't posted photos of the rooms, etc. It was a leap of faith for us to make reservations based on a cartoon picture on the website.

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