Well worth the stay! A review of The Aquincum Hotel Budapest

The hotel and facillities were excellent.We stayed 18th Jan 05 until 21st Jan when it was nice and cold.We ate in the hotel every night which was a bit expensive (compared to the rest of Budapest) but that was because we spent the majority of the day visiting all the sights and as it was quite cold, we couldn't be bothered to get the bus or tram back into the town.The meals were nice though and so was the service.But I have to say, it would have been nice to have had more restaurants around the hotel or within easy walking distance just to get a bit more variety and to keep the cost down.

We used the free spa facillities which made the hotel a 5 star.The only off putting thing about that was the fact that you had to dress in your swimsuit and robe in your room and make your way to the spa dressed like this.When we stayed this wasn't a problem because we just got the lift down to the spa and no one saw us.But i would think that this may put some people off using the pools.However, it was really nice after a freezing cold day walking around, to warm up and relax in the thermal pools and jacuzzi.

Even though the hotel is on the outskirts of the city, it is really easy to use the public transport to get to where you want.We used the buses and metro every day and purchased one of the 72 hr travel passes to use on all public transport.We even made our way back to the airport using the travel card which was easy.If you need directions anywhere then ask the receptionist who will tell you the easiest way to get there and provide a map.

The rooms were nice enough,but not the standard that you would expect of a 5 star.Which doesn't mean that they were bad,just not as grand as you'd expect of a 5*.The room service was excellent.We had breakfast in bed every day! The maids also did an excellent job cleaning the rooms.All in all, we had a great stay and don't be put off by the hotels location because it is easy to get into the city with minimum fuss.

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