Well Recomended A review of Preluna Hotel & Spa

My wife and I stayed at the Preluna Hotel fro 18th to 28th July 2004 and have to say that in general we were very pleased with the accomodation and staff. We have travelled and stayed in many hotels throughout the world and do not expect or require absolute perfection from holiday Hotels. We do expect value for money, comfort, cleanliness, good staff etc.

In this respect we got everything we wished from the Preluna, the exception being problems with the air conditioning system (which we understand had been recently partly updated and was causing some serious concern at the number of breakdowns).

We had sea view room on the 12th floor of the main part of the hotel with a fanastic panorama including the Harbour entrance.

Contrary to other comments the room and towels were very clean and the buffet food excellent and varied. Staff very pleasant.

Yes the pool is across the road but this is not really a problem or dangerous as trafffic on the promonade is not free flowing and at high speeds.

The pool is clean but apart from a very small section is not suitable for litle children or non swimmers (ie 1.5 metres and over in depth).

The new indoor fitness centre and pool is outstanding for an hotel of this class.

The hotel is probably 3.5 star on UK Rating but trying hard to improve

I would not hire a car as there is little parking space available in this area of Malta (and plenty of traffic wardens). Buses are cheap about every 5-10 minutes from next to the Hotel. Fares very cheap at generally 15 cents per journey.

You either like or hate Malta, there is no middle way.

I would certainly recommend this hotel but remember that this is Malta not middle England. Enjoy it for what it is and do not grumble about what it isn't. This is the virtue of travel and culture.

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