Well... Better Than Many In The JFK Airport Area A review of Hilton New York JFK

I had stayed at the JFK airport's Best Western Hotel about a month earlier than this writing and that experience had been completely awful because of having a closet-sized room, a noisy elevator nearby, some noisy housekeeping personel nearby and more... No one at that Best Western hotel could care less how your stay is!!! Believe me! The Holiday Inn at JFK, however, (NOT Holiday Inn Express) had not been bad at all! Not long after I got to my room, I had received a phone call from front desk asking how everything was! There are TWO Holiday Inn hotels in the JFK airport area so DON'T get the Holiday Inn at JFK confused with the Holiday Inn Express!! They are two separate places in the same area within five minutes of each other!!! The Holiday Inn at JFK is a full-sized, high-rise hotel with pool, restaurents, parking lot security, nice gift shop and more... The place is not exactly new, but is certainly not a dump, yet! They also have free, hourly shuttle buses to JFK airport.

I had an evening flight out of JFK airport and coming from Rhode Island, I had decided to try to find a good hotel with a somewhat secure parking lot to leave my car before flying out. Many hotels in the area offer "park, sleep and fly" type of deals where you can sleep at the hotel then leave your car for up to like 14 days. I had arranged with the hotel to take advantage of this type of deal... but in a different way. I had driven to New York the day of my departure, left my car at the hotel for 12 days, then returned and stayed at the hotel for one night before leaving to drive home to Rhode Island (4 hours away). Most people would stay at the hotel first, before leaving their car, but I had an evening flight out so I stayed at the hotel AFTER leaving my car and taking my outbound flight. I had also left my car keys in one of the hotel's security deposit boxes (at no charge) before I had left. This way, I wouldn't lose my keys while on vacation or have to lug them around. When I had returned from Ukraine after 12 days, my car had been just as I had left it. Security cameras were watching the area, the parking lot was also fenced with a security guard at the entrance. This had made me feel much better about leaving the car there... better than leaving the car at the airport?? When I had arrived at the airport from flying/traveling with the wife, we had decided to take a taxi to the hotel instead of waiting for the free shuttle bus outside (It was fricken COLD OUTSIDE... January 17th)!!! To our surprise.. the taxi had only come to $7.00 so a $10.00 bill was perfect!!! Our room at the Holiday Inn at JFK had been spacious with great TV reception and HBO along with other usual amenities.. The room also had a nice view of the area (9 floors up). The king-sized bed was quite comfortable and the hot water in the shower was plentiful and had not changed temperature every two seconds to my surprise during my morning shower! The only bad thing I'd say about the room was that it was drafty! When the heat would shut off.. the room had felt quite cool after about a minute or two. It was very windy outside though... The heater was quiet and not noisy, at least! Check-out time was 12 noon, which was nice. My wife and I had a buffet-style breakfast at $13.95 each. The breakfast was "o.k.", the food was hot and the service and coffee was excellent. All together.. with leaving my car for 12 days and also the one night's stay at the hotel... the cost came to $229.

plus taxes. The taxes are quite high (almost $40.00.). I had paid much less a month earlier at the Best Western's "nightmare hotel" but the extra money spent at the Holiday Inn was WELL WORTH the comfort, especially after flying for more than 11 hours to come back home to the beautiful U.S.A.! You know... ALL Americans should visit another country, especially a poorer country like Ukraine!! ALL Americans would finally thank God and REALLY REALIZE JUST HOW GOOD we have it... living in the best country in the world!!! Teach your children this..

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