Weekend with Children in Downtown Miami A review of Four Seasons Hotel Miami

Spent three days at FS Miami (2-26-05 to 3-1-05). Booked a cityview one-bedroom suite (got a Bayview). Traveling with my wife and daughters, 2 1/2 and 14 mos. They had cribs ready with lots of toys and personalized items. The kids loved the room which was large with lots of windows -- windows with seats in them. Rooms fully child-proofed. We looked out at the boats for a long time with our oldest.

The Kids For All Seasons was nice after going to the pool -- lots of fun toys for all age ranges up to 13 or so. There were three pools, but in February, it was too chilly for any pool except the heated one. Even then it was brisk when you got out.

There are lots of cabanas. We used the same one everyday -- it didn't cost anything which is rare at a Four Seasons.

They have a great children's menu, with cheap stuff - PB&J for $2.00. Nothing more than $3.00 bucks and it was all good. Also, my youngest is lactose intolerant and they always sent her lactose free milk.

Beyond, the hotel, there's not much nearby. On Oscar's night, I walked three blocks to a grocery store and got a $50 bottle of Champagne, that would cost a gazillon off the room service. Highly recommended for downtown Miami getaway.

Problems? We didn't encounter any except one erroneous room service order.

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