Wedding Guests Beware A review of Hilton Orrington

We stayed at the Orrington for a wedding last weekend. When we arrived we were sent to a room at the end of a hall (Room 401) which was dismal. The room was half the size of a normal room, the bed took up the entire floor space. So small was the room that the foot of the bed practically touched one of the walls. In addition, the room overlooked the air conditioning unit for the adjacent business complex. The room would be tiny for one person and for two, unimaginable!

We requested another room but was told there was no other and perhaps try the next day. After a few minutes more in the room, we decided that we just could not stay and started checking out hotels in downtown Chicago. Once again we tried to have our room changed. After we threatened to leave, a standard room magically appeared and we moved to that. Alas, we thought all was saved but it was not. We were never able to sleep that weekend. The air conditioning was extremely noisy and was never able to maintain the room temperature.

The hotel did present a lovely wedding and its location is in fact fabulous. Unfortunately however,in the renovation, the hotel squeezed in these extra "half" rooms on each floor and the management hopes to assign them to out of town wedding guests who they believe will accept them. Don't!!!

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