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We stayed at the Le Royal Meridien National - and thought it was fabulous.

The hotel is spotless, the rooms beautiful and it is right in the centre of Russie. We stayed here for a long weekend and didn't regret it at all.

The concierge was fantastic (her name Marina) - she helped us with acquiring a guide for the day around the Kremlin, absolutely fantastic and I would definately recommend this. Also her recommendations for restaurants and walking tour were perfect.

We called the hotel in advance and requested they organise a cab for us upon arrival - as I'd read reviews that it was dangerous at the airport. The airport isn't that bad at all - just very crowded.

We were glad to have the taxi, a mercedes - it cost us around $110USD, and it was billed directly to our room.

The hotel breakfast is great, fresh food - even omelettes cooked to order - with the most beautiful view over the Kremlin. The hotel was once named 'the best hotel in Russia' - and it definately lived up to its name and I would recommend it ten times over.

Moscow itself is stunning. I did expect more traditional buildings around the place, but it was still a city well worth seeing. The food outside of the hotel was very reasonable. The weather in May was gorgeous.

I'm a very cautious traveller, but I honestly didn't see anything dodgy that I read about previously. The city was fine, the people very lovely. However, you must realise that this city does not conform to the tourist. There is absolutely no signs in English. However, we don't speak a work of Russian and we managed fine, so it really isn't a problem.

The train are a bit daunting at first, but stick with it, as after a few trips it is the cheapest and easiest way to get around the city. The train stations are brilliant examples of Russian architecture.

We also visited a market there. Unfortunately I can't remember the name, however it is a huge craft market that everyone knows about - so you would just need to ask your concierge. I wouldn't bother buying any sounveniers from anywhere except here. They are definately the cheapest and best quanlity here. You can buy everything from Russian Doll to Christmas Decorations to Antiques to Original Paintings - EVERYTHING!

The people and food were lovely and we would love to return some day. However, a few Russian people recommended St Petersburg to us - so maybe our next trip we'll visit there!

P.S. I know that there is one bad review for this hotel in Nov 04 - however, after staying here I geniunely think that the user must have this hotel mixed up with another, because it was just too lovely.

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