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We went to Kona and did two things - we went to a deluxe resort (Mauna Kea Beach Resort - MKB) and we went with nature at The Dragonfly Ranch.

The MKB is beautiful to visit, but it's not how people live on The Big Island. The Dragonfly is. A room with walls and screening keeps enough of you exposed to the beauty of Hawai'i and lets you feel you're at one with it. There's no A/C, the sea breeze is enough to keep you cool (homes in Hawai'i don't have AC as a rule.) The whole house is unique in shape and design, supper under the stars on the grand lanai up top is fun too (sounds like a big jungle surrounding you at sunset with all the crickets!) we liked the colourful geckos too, and of course, the people are very friendly. They know lots about the island, they offer you natural foods (tasty!) and they know where to catch the dolphins in the bay (swim with dolphins!) AND don't forget they know how to get on a Polynesian canoe launch with Captain Kiko! Located just south of Kona, it's an ideal spot in between Kona and Volcanoes National Park, close to The Place of Refuge National Park (five mins by car) and some rather fun beaches and snorkel spots that are just out of the busy-busy town of Kona (less people on a beach is always better.) Rates vary by room, most people we met had been there repeatedly, many years in a row. Make sure you look around the gardens for all the different plants on display. Unlike some other reviewers, no problems with noise. The birds in the morning you hear everywhere on the island, so we were glad to hear they had them here too. The owner, Barbara Moore, is quite good at telling people it's a natural place and not a man-made resort. It's a 'whole-earth' B&B that happens to be situated in one of the nicest spots on Earth. We'd go back in a heartbeat! And we've depressed since we left! - dph.

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