We'll be back A review of Lime Tree Bay Resort Motel

Along with several other families, we've been staying at Lime Tree Bay every lobster season for the past five years and expect to continue for the forseeable future. It is clean, well maintained, and the service is impeccable. Whether from the pool deck, or from the patio table in front of your room, the view of the sunset over Florida Bay is world class.

Like most places in the keys, Lime Tree Bay isn't new. The difference here is that the owners (George and Louise) live on site and are constantly reinvesting in the place. Most of the rooms have been remodeled in the past 2 or 3 years. If something breaks or doesn't work, just let Louise know about it in the office, and George is fixing it within an hour. The rooms are cleaned daily and the trash cans around the grounds are emptied continuously.

If you stay at Limetree Bay and you're not happy with the facilities and service, you should probably stay away from the keys. You can find more expensive accomodations, but you won't find anyplace better.

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