Watch the groups! A review of Hyatt Regency Sacramento

O.K. I will try to be fair here. My family and I stayed at the Hyatt for two nights - Saturday night and Sunday night. Our first impression on arriving was - Geeze this is a crowded hotel. No worries - it is afterall a big place.

What we did not realize was that the crowds were 2 large wedding parties. I mean these were huge weddings and the people totally took over the hotel facilities. The swimming pool was a festering swamp. Extremely rude behavior on the part of the wedding attendees.

The thing is.... the hotel staff did nothing to try and control the madness. Seriously - a couple of additional security guards would have been welcome to quel some of the outrageous activities. This is a NICE hotel, not a football stadium :-(

On the brighter side of things, Sunday the place was deserted, after a few hours the pool filters worked their magic, and a sense of minimal decorum settled over the hotel. At this point the minimal staffing was not so noticeable.

I would go to this hotel agin, but I would certainly want to know what groups were going to be there during the stay.

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