Waste of $ A review of Colorado Springs Marriott

What an utter disappointment. The website makes the hotel look amazingly luxurious, but unfortunately, I found the opposite to be true. From the outside, the hotel itself looks quite impressive, but it all goes downhill once you go through the revolving front doors which, by the way, were absolutely filthy the day we arrived (fingerprints, etc.). We were not expecting the Ritz, but we were expecting a nice, clean, comfotable room (is that too much to ask?). The first room we got was horrible. The carpet was coming up, the walls were stained with who knows what, and the bathroom wasn't big enough for a flea. We told the front desk (by the way, I must mention that the hotel staff was very friendly) and they gave us another room...just as bad. The wallpaper in the bathroom was peeling, still no space to breathe. Finally we requested a suite, thinking that would be a step up. Wrong again. The carpet was coming up, paint on the bathroom ceiling was peeling (a very large section), sink was cracked, stained, and very old, tub had broken stopper thing so that you could see straight down the drain....all the lovely green slime (gross!). Still, the so called suite was very cramped and uncomfortable. After a long day of sight-seeing, we would look forward to coming back to the hotel to relax, but couldn't because the room was so repulsive. Definitely not worth what we paid. What a waste of money.

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