Wasn't impressed..... A review of Hotel Lumen - A Kimpton Hotel

We went to the Hotel Lumen for business purposes and we were not all that impressed. Iron and ironing board are not in your room, as you must request them from the front desk. I received mine after my second night there and after I requested it twice. As another review stated, there is no full length mirror. I showered at night and in the morning and the water was slightly warm at best. However, my coworkers said that their temperature was fine so there might be an issue in just one part of the building. This prevented me from enjoying the nice jets in the shower which I know I would have enjoyed. They put a plum out at night with a bottle of Ozarka which is a nice, unique touch. I also had a problem with service as I had to stand there and wait a couple of minutes for an employee to finish telling a joke to another employee before I could check out. They also stay seated while helping you which I felt uncomfortable with as you are not on their level while speaking to them. To me this gives an attitude of laziness. Big note before you go. The shower and the bedroom are basically in the same room. There is no way to build privacy between these two rooms so I suggest you not share with someone that you wouldn't want to have see you without your clothes on.

Overall I was disappointed. However, I believe that their "Grand Opening" will be held in September so maybe they will have some of these kinks worked out before then. Overall not a business-traveler friendly hotel.

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Hotel Lumen - A Kimpton Hotel
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