Was okay, but some problems... A review of Hotel Hermosa

I just got back from the Hotel Hermosa. It was a decent hotel, however, it also could have been better. Although I've been "spoiled" by working in a 4 star resort hotel, I will try to keep my mind set on what a two star hotel's expectations should be. The lobby isn't very large, but pleasant with easy stair or elevator access. There is only one elevator to serve the 3 levels as well as the underground parking garage (I found myself getting lost trying to find the lobby because it is on level one...I would have thought the button in the elevator that said L* meant lobby, but it really means the lowest parking garage floor.) The elevator had an awesome view of the ocean though. :) The desk lady who checked us in really didn't say much...and didn't seem to have much of a personality. (I work as a desk agent and definately talk to people a lot more, and at least go over their stay.) Anyway, we got up to our room #329, and it was a corner room, which was fine. We needed a room with 2 beds because I was traveling with my folks. However, instead of the traditional room with 2 double beds, it had one king and one queen, with a half wall separating the two ( I guess for privacy?) which was a bit different from what I've seen before. The bathroom was huge, although the room was a little tight. Unlike the reviewer before me, our room DID have a kitchenette, with room for storage, a spacious refrigerator, and a stove top. It would have been fine to use, however we didn't use anything but the fridge. Our room did not have an ironing board/iron which we needed. When I called the desk, I was told to come get it myself because housekeeping leaves at 4 pm. I was a little suprised by that, but again, I'm used to 4 star levels of service. We were pleasantly suprised to have a partial ocean view. The rest of the view was of the intersection which was fine because I don't see the point of having a view. It's just nice if you get a suprise and have one like we did. It was fun watching the cars. The balcony was quite spacious, and I could touch the sign saying Hotel Hermosa with my hand. I thought the beds seemed really hard and uncomfortable. The pillows were horrible......hard and lumpy. As the previous reviewer said, the towels are horrible and not plentiful enough. It was extremely hard to get dry using only one towel. I'm suprised they don't have holes in them yet. I never ran into any housekeepers, but they seemed to be pretty consistent. The continental breakfast was very convenient but also very limited. One thing that was annoying was that the ice machine on floor 3 was broken the entire stay. The vending machines were barely stocked.

The courtyard area seemed nice, however the pool is very tiny and right by the busy intersection. Unlike the pool which seemed clean, the hot tub looked cloudy to me. I didn't use either. The hotel has a nice parking garage, so you really don't have many parking problems at the hotel. It's located pretty close to the beach...a five minute drive will take you right to the pier and the strand.

Overall, I think it was a nice hotel in a good location. There were problems, but we try not to be too bothered with things. We paid about $89 for our room, so you can't really beat that. It's a good spot to stay if you're on a budget and want to be around the beach, but don't need tons of service or amenities. Overall, I would recommend it, but I would look for other options around the beach for slightly higher rates that might be a little better.

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