Was I in an alternate universe? A review of Miracle Springs Hotel and Spa

I don't know why the other reviews are so positive. I suspect these people all have children. So the kids love it there, but for around $200 a night we expected a little luxury. Being there in the wintertime, especially, we expected the pools to be warm to hot. We did not expect all of the pools but three to be frigid, and the three hot ones were people-soup, with kids and parents spilling out of them in all directions. Also, we did not expect to be lied to regarding why some of the pools were cold. Apparently a hot spring pipe broke the day before our arrival, but we were not notified nor offered an alternate date or rate.

The service: We asked for a secluded room, but were given one right above the busiest pool. The staff grumbled about moving us, but were convinced. There were no batteries in the remote control for the TV, and after two calls to the desk and four hours of waiting, we had to go retrieve the batteries ourselves... to be told there was one maintenance person on duty, and she was in a truck at another facility. The grounds staff, front desk, bar staff and cleaning people huddled in groups and gossiped and could not be bothered.

The food was a mostly positive experience, with the exception of one inattentive waiter, a hostess for Sunday brunch who would rather talk on her cell phone than seat us and the omelet chef who wandered around and had to be begged to come back and cook. But the head chef was creative and approachable and the food was fresh and satisfying.

I suppose this review would not be so negative if our concerns had ever been addressed, or if the staff had responded to them or offered any compensation, but we felt like they wanted us to pay and go away and not bother them. We have gone away, and we will not be going back.

P.S. Don't be fooled by the offered "late check-out" option. If you stay until 5:00 p.m. you pay an extra $50. Even if you could not get in the pools all weekend because of the crowd and it's just eased up on the day of departure.

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