WARNING: Pay attention to the negative reports already posted. I read them but decided it could not be as bad as others thought. Was I ever wrong! The odor when walking into the building was my first clue - an old Holidome swimming pool gone bad - and things got worse. Railings on stairwells and in the one working elevator on my wing were missing, with big holes in the walls where they once had been. All carpets were worn and ragged, most were dirty. Ditto for the walls. My room was very large, its one positive, but the bedspread was dirty and the furnishings beat-up. Probably the hot breakfast was OK, but because of the dirty conditions everywhere else I opted for packaged cereal only. I will have to give high marks to the women working at the check in/out desk because they were very pleasant and helpful. I booked this hotel through Priceline.com, which rated it as 2 stars, but it was far below that rating. I stayed two nights because it was already paid for, but I don't plan to ever be there again. Just a warning.

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DFW Airport Hotel & Conference Center
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