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The hotel does not tell you that their Fantasy Suites are located on the 15th floor and the elevators only go to the 14th. You have to walk a flight. Second, there are no windows in any of the Fantasy Suites. They do have "theme rooms" available for $199 a night that mentions no windows when booking on the hotel's web site, but the Fantasy Suites say nothing about it and costs $279 a night. We booked a Fantasy Suite for our anniversary and when I walked in, I fell off of a platform type of thing that was located between the bathroom and bedroom area. The carpet was black and the room dimly lit~~no windows~~ even though I turned on the lights. I saw the 4" step up due to the dim bathroom light, but 3 steps later it ended. This "platform" had no markings or warnings of any kind to "watch your step". After laying on the floor a bit, I managed to hobble back down to the front desk. On the way down I ran into a few women who also booked Fantasy Suites and they said their rooms didn't have anything like that in theirs. My foot was starting to swell fairly bad by the time I made it to the front desk, but the guy on duty didn't seem interested at all that I fell. I left my husband waiting outside in our vehicle because I checked us in to our room and then we were going to go out to dinner elsewhere. That didn't happen. The hotel staff watched me hobble outside to get my husband. I asked to have ice sent to the room, but that never happened either. My husband ended up purchasing a cane and ice bag for me. I asked to speak with the manager and he filled out an incident report. Apparently, the guy at the front desk should have done that immediately when I first told him I fell, but he didn't. I heard security say that they thought the room we were in was the only one that had a "platform". We had to be switched to a regular room because of the flight of steps I would have to walk to reach the Fantasy Suites. The regular room seemed clean. The TV remote didn't work properly which was a major inconvenience due to my foot. We ate in the hotel's restaurant~~VERY EXPENSIVE!!! Not worth it~~ The next morning we got the bill for the Fantasy Suite!!! shoved under our door! They were kind enough to reduce it to the "regular room rate" which was $152. Considering we stayed in a regular room, I don't see where they were doing me a favor. Besides, the whole incident clearly ended our vacation. That "platform" was very dangerous and negligent on the hotel's part. It should have been clearly marked. I'm glad I got away with a badly sprained foot. Someone could have broken a hip or worse. We paid the bill and went to the hotel's breakfast buffet. The price was fairly reasonable and the food tasted okay, but it was cold. The fresh fruit and muffins were very good. We were suppose to tour a bit more on our vacation, but it was cut short due to my fall. I got home and called the hotel's 800 customer service number and complained. After doing that, the head manager called and apologized and offered a free gift certificate to come back and stay in their Fantasy Suite for one night. There was no other compensation for the vacation cut short, the cane and ice bag we had to buy or my doctor bills. I just hope the hotel will take the time to fix the floor properly or clearly mark it so no one else falls off of their so called "platform".

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