Warning!!! There was vomit on the floor in our room!!!!!!!! A review of Quality Inn & Conference Center

I need to write this review to vent so my head doesn't explode i'm SO

mad. my husband and i had a wedding to go to this saturday so we decided to stay at the place all our friends were staying at. well first, even though the bride and groom put holds on 10 rooms and they

were filled, and we were staying because of the wedding, they wouldnt

give us any discount. fine, whatever. they said it was to be 129 instead of the 92 everyone else was charged that was staying for the wedding.

we get into our room with 45 minutes before the tram leaves to take us to the reception and so i'm rushing to get ready. so im doing my makeup and the lightbulb is burnt out so i walk on the other side of the bed and theres vomit all over! i have my husband go to the front desk (our room was the first room by the front desk) to get somebody and it takes 20 minutes. so we get switched to another room. i have 10 minutes to get ready.

we get 2 free drink vouchers for the "mishap"... being they DIDN"T CLEAN our room.... and they argue at the bar that they arent good on saturdays. then when my husband wants a rum and coke he cant get one cause its not included. so we get pop.

the people we stayed with from the wedding couldn't get in their room

cause the chain lock was locked. they contacted the maid and instead of apologizing she swore and got them a new room. our others friends had crap on the wall in their bathroom! and the toilet for the bride and groom overflowed on them!

i s/w richard ... the manager and he was SO RUDE! he was snippy and snotty and acted like this was all our fault! at one point in our conversation he actually said that we had stayed in 2 rooms then since they switched us to another room since the first one had vomit on the floor! i was shocked! this is their manager!

DO NOT STAY HERE! this place is DIRTY! management is RUDE! oh and i also overheard walking by a mother of the bride that was having their

wedding there that saturday that she wanted family style not buffet style and they confused that on her!


On behalf of the staff and management I apologize for the unpleasant condition of your room. My understanding is that a substance was on the floor behind the curtain of your room, and was discovered by you some time after your check-in at 4:56 p.m. Our records indicate that your room was changed at 5:15 p.m., immediately after we became aware of your concern. Both the housekeeper, and housekeeping supervisor, have been counseled about the need to thoroughly clean and inspect all areas of our guestrooms. Fortunately, this is a rare circumstance, but a nonetheless unpleasant one for the guest.

By way of explanation, and not excuse, a new bartender who was unfamiliar with our drink vouchers was working that evening. The bartender is now fully aware of our guidelines, though from your correspondence it appears that you did receive 2 complimentary beverages.

Our guests know Richard, our General Manager, to be professional, courteous, and to always act in their best interests. I am sorry that your perception of the conversation you had with him was otherwise.

We work very hard everyday to provide a good experience for our guests, and it is unfortunate when a problem occurs. However, as in your case, we move as quickly as we can to correct the problem once it is brought to our attention.

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