Warning: Construction Site! A review of Sandals Emerald Bay

When we decided to stay at this just-opened resort, we expected immature landscaping and a staff that was still learning the ropes.

What we didn't expect was to be in the middle of a construction site.

Several of the hotel buildings containing rooms are still being worked on, but that's not the worst. Unfortunately, the resort is only the first phase of a major development of the whole bay that will take years to complete and that will surround the hotel with various types of villas and homes as well as a marina and shops. The golf course is very challenging and has a magnificent setting, but on virtually every hole you are surrounded by construction, some of it involving major earthmoving equipment, and all of it beeping away like mad. Our beachfront room was lovely--one of the nicest we've ever stayed in! The lobby area is beautiful with wonderful flowers, shells and great art.

The beach is gorgeous (tho we wish we could have seen it before the development began). The food for the most part was good, tho not always exactly as described on the menu. The staff were unvaryingly gracious and friendly, but there were frequent glitches--laundry back late, incorrect drink charges, waiters unfamiliar with menu items, front desk staff unfamiliar with package details--nothing earthshaking, just not up to Four Seasons standards.

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