Wait a few years A review of Park Hotel of Hot Springs

We stayed at the Park March 30th - although not the worse place I have stayed, they are have a very long way to go to remodel or restore the place. The location is wonderful and their vision sounds interesting (to be a mini Arlington), but the hotel has seen better days. As you walk in there is a distinct musty smell and the rooms are basic at best. They have done a lot of work on the restaurant portion but it isn't open yet. I doubt all the rooms are in use as there were only a few cars in the lot, yet they claimed to be full. They haven't started remodeling the rooms or taking up carpet on the room floors - it appears they are working on basics such as plumbing and heating. We had no need for heating or air conditioning but I would guess it wouldn't work. I would say most the recent posts are accurate and I would pass on this for a while. They hope to have it done it two years, but that seems ambitious. You can get by in this hotel as long as you aren't expecting much.

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