Waikiki Beachcomber -- Decent A review of Holiday Inn Waikiki Beachcomber Resort Hotel

Overall, this hotel is fine with a few little things that irked us but may not bother others. 1) the sink is not in the bathroom; it's just outside of it with a partial wall separating it from the rest of the room. My dad woke up early everyday and woke us up with bright lights and sounds of running water. 2) There is no tub, just a shower. 3) They charge for the coffee and tea. We put the stuff in a drawer, and then got charged for it, because the chambermaid thought we used it. Check your bill carefully. 4) Only four floors in the entire hotel is non-smoking. The hotel does not smell like smoke, but it was difficult for them to find us a non-smoking room with a view when we wanted an upgrade. When we asked for and was willing to pay for an upgrade, the front desk clerk was rude and put out. I said I was concerned about noise on the lower floors, because I had an infant with me. She replied that it's loud on the upper floors too. The good news is that our 14th floor room was not uncomfortably loud. (The other staff were fine, but there was no concierge and the staff didn't seem particularly knowledgeable about restaurant suggestions,etc. We ended up going to another hotel with a concierge and asked them.) On a positive note, it was fun to be close to the International Market.

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