Visit but don't stay A review of Copper Queen Hotel

We stayed the night of May 12, 2004. After reading various reviews on TripAdvisor we knew that the parking was nonexistent. And so it was.

However, what we weren't expecting was the room. We had checked out their prices on their web site that cited the prices up to $130 a night. When we called, seems the prices were actually up to $139 a night.

We booked the room anyway. It was on the 4th floor. The room was an average size with wall-to-wall depressing dark carpet, a king-sized bed with a terrible mattress. The bathroom was the usual thing, nothing particularly notable.

In the entire room there was only one small window in the upper left hand corner of the room---the total atmosphere was claustrophobic & oppressive. Well, we said, at least it's only for one night, we'll try to get a good night's sleep.

Guess again... the next morning by 8:30 am, the chambermaid began banging doors, vacuuming outside your room, talking loudly & was generally a huge nuisance until we left.

As an accommodation, I would never recommend this place to anyone. Visit the hotel, it's interesting but save your money & don't stay there.

As for eating in Bisbee, I'd recommend The Brewery was excellent as was the service.

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