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I have just returned from the Hualapai Lodge (Nov 04) after booking a hotel/river running package. The hotel is sandwiched between Route66, the main highway and a fright train railroad. There is a level crossing just 50 yards from the hotel and every time the 200+ carriage frieght train approaches the crossing they sound their very load horns 3 or 4 times, this occurs nearly every half hour day and night making it impossible to sleep, I cannot believe they are allowed to advertise in there brochure 'peaceful location'. The river running trip is a shambles of organisation, there is nobody who you can ask for advice, I tried to find out about how much equipment you could take and what sort of conditions I would be liable to encounter when on the boat, but the answers ( given to me by the bus driver as there was no one else around) were very vague and were of no help. You are taken to and from the river on an old dirty uncomfortable school bus, the trip down to the river takes about 45 minutes down an unmade road. When you arrive you are given a large waterproof sack which you and every one else on your boat has to share, along with a ammo can which I think is meant to be waterproof, you are shown to a pile of wet dirty life jackets which you choose and fit yourself and then you get on the boat. The actual river trip is fantastic and I would highly recommend it, the excitment of the rapids and the amazing scenery is well worth the money you pay. At the end of your boat trip you are taken to the Grand Canyon west airstrip on a great helicopter ride, this is were you must get back on the old school bus for the painfull 2 1/2 hour journey on mostley unmade roads. The roads are very very rough and the trip is unbearable. On return to the hotel, tired and sore I looked forward to a nice hot shower but there was no hot water (apparantly this is common as everyone wants the shower at the same time). Next my toilet overflowed all over the bathroom floor and when I told the receptionist he handed me a large plunger to fix it myself! I refused and recieved another room (still with no hot water). The rafting trip was great but everything around it was very poor, as this is the only company who offers this type of trip (please check, but I think you will find no matter who you book with you will still end with the same operaters) please think carefully before booking.

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