We had a complimentary certificate and we decided to "live it up" by staying here. At this level, we were anticipating a lot and we were not disappointed.

The outside of the property is well landscaped and the green palm tress and well maintained grass is inviting. Seeing green in any desert is a nice contrast.:) Check-in was uneventful and pleasant. However they do tack on a $10 "resort fee" which is debatable. Since we were not using the facility that way we were able to have it waved.

Unlike some mazes of hotel corridors our room was just off the main elevator access from the lobby. Rooms further out had access to elevators so depending where you were parked, it would not be a long walk. As we passed the hotel staff in the halls, we were greeted with a friendly "hello". Our particular room was on the second floor over looking the golf course, very nice.

The room is 650 sqft and has two levels and maybe 2-3 years old from last renovation. No odors and the room felt clean. The main level has the bathroom and bed while the lower level is a sitting area with desk.

There is a balcony so lounging just outside the room is nice. The cleanliness of the room was above average. No carpet stains and the bathroom was well maintained. The decor is conservative with creams, tan and mild greens, not very exciting or particularly eye catching, more toward boring IMO.

The bathroom is spacious and has separate bathtub and shower. The shower door opened toward the toilet but there was sufficient room. The countertop was spacious so laying out your bathroom articles was not a problem. Good water pressure and a massaging shower head rounded it off. The bathroom was pretty spacious though I would have liked a larger shower stall with that much room. A minor nit pick.

The bed was firm with soft down type pillows. The sheets were clean and typical. Not the high thread count types that one may desire with a 5 star property. Could be nicer considering this room would fetch upwards of $400 in high season/convention times.

Self parking good and the spaces generously laid out. I worry about door dings and with these wide spaces there was at least a good 6-8 feet between cars. Valet was available but I didn't catch the fee...I think $4 or $6 in covered parking.

We had breakfast in one of the restaurants and it was very good.

Generous portions and appropriate for the price paid. Also on site was Starbucks and a small deli counter for quick sandwiches. We didn't eat at the dinner restaurant though.

Now some gripes. The A/C had a noticeable buzz to it that is like hearing an air compressor behind a closed door. Not real loud but when it cycled on, it was enough to wake me and motivate me to shut the A/C completely off. Luckily evening temps were upper 60's so it wasn't bad.

The walls were not super insulated so we could hear guests in the rooms on either side of us but it was muffled. Like any hotel, the doors self-close and guests don't seem to have the courtesy to let them close gently. These guests let the doors slam alerting others to their coming and goings. As an upper level property, guest traffic in the halls seemed to drop off after 11 and resume about 7'ish.

All in all a pleasant stay in a well equipped resort.

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