Very Nice Pool and mid point to Niagara Falls A review of Nichols Village Hotel & Spa

It is very easy access at the I-81x194 and I-476 that I used it on the way to Niagara Falls and back from. It is so conveniently located and right next to it is the best huge 24 hour gas station that before I checked in, I fill may tank at this 20 cent cheaper gas station (now $2.85 vs $3.09 I saw along the route).

The front desk is nice and staff very curtesous and checked us right in. One night I tried one king size bed room, and on the way back, I used 2 double bed room. Either one is comfortable.

The swimming pool is big and shine with depth from 3ft to 9ft, not like those kiddie pool in Courtyard or Hilton Garden Inn. Very nice. They also use it for pool side wedding, so it looks very nice and luxury.

The complimentary wireless Internet is very fast even if we got multiple portable pc going on, that's great! You have to ask the password from the front desk, but it is stadard, the hotel name.

The hotel is right at the hill and feel very quiet but if you go to the front, it is right on the street, lots of fast food, stores, the local big supermarket Weis is right across street, so you can get some supply at good price and conveniently.

I use this hotel as mid point to Niagara Falls, and I found it is perfect. When I came back last night, I arrived midnight, and the staff automatically called in this morning to suggest an extension to 2pm, what a nice staff and consideration !!! It is more than expectation ...

Oh, at the check in, you may grab a big apple and cup of great taste complimentary coffee at the lobby. There are also many magazines and travel info available.

In the room also a small refrig which is very handy for milk and cold drink.

There is also a very beautiful restaurant onside that you can have breakfast and sunday brunch.

Again, this is very nice hotel and at great location heading to Niagara Falls or north from south. and very quiet setting can be use for a weekend getaway or in town travel as well. Scranton right next to it has many places to visit too ...

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