Very nice place!!! A review of Blue Harbor Resort

First of all this resort is the next best thing to happen to Sheboygan besides the PGA Championship!! For all of you harping on the beach being cold and dirty. What do you expect? Ocean front property!!! This is Lake Michigan here people! Average water temp is around 63 to 68 in July and August!!! And it's not the resorts fault for it being dirty either. Why blame them, blame the city for not cleaning it not the hotel. And the parking lot view isn't that bad either you get a good view of the river marina and shanty's along the river. I do agree however prices are a little high. So if you are looking for 80 degree water and super clean beaches pay $3,000 and go to Sandals or something. And stop and the visitor center a block away if you get bored sitting at the hotel and find something else to do! There is plenty to do through out the city. And please don't compare it to Wis. Dells because we are not Wis. Dells. So if you like the Dells go to the Dells, but if you want to try something different this is a place for most people...

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Blue Harbor Resort
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