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My husband and I were there on July 1 and 2 2003. We only stayed one night and one night was enough. We couldnt sleep because we kept hearing the sound of footsteps outside our door and also we kept seeing a shadow of a man walking back and forth outside our window. We heard water runing in the bathroom too. We stayed in the magnolia room in the back. When we were outside the room at about 2:00 in the morning, we heard the sounds of children laughing which seem to come from the area where the statue of a woman is directly across from our room. I took some pictures at the myrtle's and a good bit of them came out with this red figure in them. I cannot explain what or who it is. My husband and I are convinced that this place is haunted and we have no experienced it for ourselves! If you like ghosts then I would suggest that you stay the night at the myrtles. The only thing that kinda upset me was the fact that some of the staff there wouldnt talk about the things that they have experienced there too. It was indeed an adventure for us and we were glad to get back to baton rouge when it was over. Also a friend of ours had a digital camera with her and she took a picture in broad day light by the pond and it came out pitch black with 3 white figures in it!

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Myrtles Plantation
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