Very good for the price A review of Hotel Chambord

Booked this hotel through Eurostar for a very very reasonable price for a 3 night stay - less than £50 each for 3 nights!!! And did not expect much from this place (I was actually worried after my trip to Paris where we had booked a similar rated hotel, more expensive but quite pathetic).

When i reached this place, i was pleasantly surprised - firstly the location was great, around 20 yards from the metro! and the surrounding area is neat and safe.

Secondly, the staff were quite friendly and spoke decent english. Eventhough we arrived at the hotel at around 10AM, we were allowed to check in to our rooms (the check in time is 1 PM) which was very convenient. They also provided with maps showing the major tourist spots and the route from the hotel marked on them.

I agree the rooms were not the best i have stayed but it is quite good if all you are looking for is a decent place to crash.

Breakfast was a pretty good spread which was included in the price. And there are quite a few fast food joints within 500 metres of this place (including a Mac).

I cant comment on the bar/restaurant (not even sure they had one though i saw some signs for a bar) as i did not even attempt to use them.

Not sure what the others are complaning about.. I got more than i expected and I would gladly stay here again for the same cost..

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