Very Good Cost Performance A review of The Holland Hotel

I didn't what to pay those NYC (-) $200 or more just to sleep in their hotels. Therefore, I searched this website and found this place. I stayed at this motel, or whatever it is called, with my friend, in September.

The front desk clerks were polite enough and the guard, who greeted us every evening, was excellent. I found our room very clean. Throughout our stay, the staff did a very good job.

BUT it is a motel anyway. Don't attempt to compare its facility with that of a mediocre hotel. It does not have a decent looking front desk or lobby to begin with. (But people do their best with the property they have.)

If there is anything that should be improved, I would have to mention the noisy and smelly (very much) air conditioner, and the rotten fruits on the breakfast plate.

(By the way, DO ask the front desk the way to the PATH station if you use this train to get to NYC.)

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