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We stayed at the Ocean Beach Club Resort for two nights in late November 2004. First off I would say that the entire facility including the rooms are kept in immaculate shape. During the short time we were there the staff were always conspicuously moving about the property cleaning and straightening up. As I said our room was spotless and tastefully furnished (microwave & fridge) for such a small place, the furnishings were framed in dark wood with tropical designs, very nice. The floor was tile which is necessary for a small, very close to the water resort, there is a lot of moisture coming off the water which a consistent regulation of the AC helps to maintain a good comfort level in your room if you like the sliding glass or main door open. The maid service is very good and we had no complaints about that. The beach is just gorgeous and again spotless as well as totally exclusive to the resort. There is a small foot wide strip of seaweed that develops over time on the beach but it appeared to be swept off each morning by the staff. Directly on the beach there are many beach loungers, chairs and tables provided at no charge to the guests, which are meticulously straightened and tidied each morning. The pool and Jacuzzi (hot tub) are very clean and of adequate size for the resort. Next door is a restaurant and bar with what appears to be a very nice menu of seafood and other standard fare. The restaurant and the resort work closely together to serve the needs of the resort guests. You can enjoy a drink at the bar or a full course meal right on the water's edge. There is also an excellent pier that both the resort and restaurant share. If you like you can fish right from the pier where they have a well equipped fish cleaning station. If one wanted to just sit on the beach for a week or longer relaxing and enjoying the blue warm waters this place would just perfect for that. I actually woke one morning right at sunrise which happens right outside your ocean facing (make sure you book ocean facing) room and had a refreshing warm water swim in the Atlantic and a quiet stroll on the pier, unforgettable! And finally we have a baby which we had told the staff when we made our reservation. Moments after our arrival the staff turned up at our door with a nice full size wooden crib with bedding for our 18 month old baby girl. What a NICE touch that was! This resort is highly recommended by my family and a number of my friends and co-workers plan on visiting the OBCR in the near future. We'll be going back for a longer stay soon.

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