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I'll have to start this by saying, on the day my boyfriend and I were due to leave for Prague, I stumbled across this website, which had 2 very bad reviews of the hotel and 1 distinctly unremarkable one. Needless to say... I was slightly worried that our trip would turn into the sort of nightmarish ones you see on television. Nevertheless, upon arriving at the hotel we were very pleasantly surprised. The staff were lovely, and we came to realise over the course of our stay that occasionally what may be perceived as rudeness is often simply the result of the language barrier - this may explain the very bad review.

We were staying in the 'junior suite' (room 25), which was more expensive than the 'superior room', the difference (I think) being that it had a sitting area and a desk. It then transpired that we had two single beds instead of a double... which was a bit of a downer, but this may have simply been down to our lack of research rather than the hotels incompetence. My only other complaint was, like in the previous review, that the airconditioning was either broken or absolutely USELESS, the corridor was cooler than our room so a lot of the time we just kept our door open. Like all the other reviews I would agree that in terms of cleanliness, the rooms were absolutely perfect, I could find no fault.

Some websites say that there is a dvd player, cd player and hairdryer in the rooms, but there are none of these. There were about 6 channels on our tv, but this shouldnt bother you as if you go to prague and end up staying in watching tv... well, theres something wrong isn't there.

The brewery... yes, it was literally right outside our window (we could see into it) but this didn't bother us at all... it wasn't it noisy and weren't woken by it once, we only very occasionally heard the chink of bottles, and yes, the double glazing removed this problem almost completely. On the contrary, we found that the enormous Staropramen sign acted as a brilliant landmark for our hotel on the first few days when we were beginning to orientate ourselves to our surroundings.

The roads in immediate vicinity of the hotel were a little shabby, but going a few metres in any direction took you right back into the archetectural haven of beautiful buildings. And come on... this is the real Czech Republic. Prague is one of the only vaguely rich places in the entire Czech Republic, which has only relateively recently escaped the clutches of communism, and is therefore not representative. Why visit a country and sample only a tiny, unrealistic portion of its culture.. the brewery (something which defines Prague's beer-loving culture) and the unrefined streets have roguish character.

Breakfast was amazing and the rooms were simple but attractive. The soap dispensers on the wall that 'looked like the ones you get in train station toilets' dispensed Dove Moisturising Soap, so I let them off. We thought that this hotel perhaps didn't quite make the 4* grade, it was more like an exceptional 3*.

Best Tip Ever - Buy a very good guidebook before you go - we had a lonely planet one which has general information, maps, metro maps, and lists every restaurant and sightseeing activity (with a short review for each) in the whole of prague. Godsend. If you felt hungry you could find where you were on the map and see what the nearest restaurant was, which one was cheapest and whether the food was nice.

Phew long review - but this was an amazing holiday and in conclusion - "hotel was fab". (should've just said that really)

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