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We went to Blue Water Manor with two other families. The trip was booked unseen by one of the other families. Our first "suite" was disgusting and we had to move. We did get moved to a slightly better location, but all of the rooms that our group had were old, musty and tired, to be kind. The doors had huge gaps to give the bugs easy entry. We had to leave notes to tell them what to clean or it wouldn't get done. The a/c were small, noisy window units, coupled with only full size beds made for a restless week. We had the meal plan and the food was decent, but we were gtting tired of the same breakfasts and overcooked peas & carrots every night for dinner. The property itself is in a great location and it's a shame they are not doing more - it has so much more potential - just cleaning up the overgrown bushes, fixing the railing and cleaning up the piles off broken up asphalt & logs would help make it look cleaner. The indoor pool/game room was scary - dirty pool, poor lighting, peeling paint & flooded floors were not inviting. The "game room" was made up of broken down video games sitting in puddles of water along with the decrepit ping pong table. The waterfront activites and the guys working down there were the only saving grace (though they need to throw out most of the broken plastic chairs) - they were very gracious and helpful. Even when the skiboat wasn't working (it's old and worn out, too), they tried to accomodate activities. The owners seemed to entertain their friends more than the guests and we felt like we were paying for their fun. The overall value is poor and I felt we were overcharged for what we received. There are many other nicer places and we toured a few of them so we know where to go next time. Look at other options in the area, you'll be much happier.

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Blue Water Manor
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