Very Disappointing A review of The Depot Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel

When we got there, they didn't have a room for us. We had to wait a few hours for our room to be cleaned. I took my kids to the waterpark, where they had fun for a little bit and then got tired of it. The waterpark was very loud and crowded, with only a few lifeguards, so I had to watch my kids carefully. Since the kids got bored and wanted to go to the arcade, I took them up there and ended up spending more money while we were waiting for our room. The whole place is a giant money pit. Finally we got to the room, which was right above the waterpark.

It was very noisy and cramped. Not a very good room, especially for the price. We also ordered a pizza from the hotel because we didn't want to leave. Big mistake. After my kids went swimming, they got sick from the high level of chlorine in the air and water.

It seemed as if the hotel was set up to crowd as many guests as possible into one space with as few staff as possible. The kids seemed to have fun, and the staff, when available, was friendly.

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The Depot Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel
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