Very disappointing! A review of La Quinta Inn & Suites Minneapolis Bloomington W

I was disappointed in our stay. My family of four was there for 3 nights. We stay only at Choice Hotels, and expected this one to have the great standards the other hotels in this chain have. They didn't. Our room was TINY. It was too cramped to even "recline" in the recliner- the only "path" in the room was smaller than the width of the footrest! However this wasn't too much of a problem because so many springs in the recliner were broken that you couldn't sit comfortably anyway. The bathroom sink wouldn't drain. The "beautiful scenic views of the lake or downtown Minneapolis" must have only been from the 18th floor, because our room on the 8th floor overlooked the parking lot and air conditioning units. The balcony was only 18 inches deep at it's deepest point. It was barely big enough for one person to stand on at a time, much less put out a chair and sit! The balcony door did not lock. The initial clerk we checked in with was very rude, although the others I dealt with were pleasant and knowledgable about the area. Housekeeping was less than average, but in all honesty, there wasn't much that could be done to make this old, ratty room appear clean. We had a bad incident at the pool where a group of guests were partying with bottles of alcohol and very foul language in front of my young children. They were disappointed that much of our "pool time" was taken up at the front desk trying to get an employee to remove them from the pool, even though the signs clearly stated that no alcohol was allowed in the pool area.

Many of these issues were not noticed immediately upon arrival. We checked in very late at night, my kids were exhausted and I did not want to deal again with the rude clerk, so I brought these problems to their attention early the next morning. There was no follow up, except for a metal bar that was attached to the balcony door in place of the broken lock. How disappointing.

I must say that we did have a pre-paid discounted rate for this room, which along with the fact that we planned to be out of the room most of the time anyway, was the only reason we didn't go elsewhere. It is entirely possible that the tiny room we had is a substandard room that they rent out for these discounted rates. I imagine it is quite possible that other rooms in this hotel are better and bigger. I've never had a bad experience at any Choice Hotel before, but will never stay here again!

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