Very Disappointing: dirty, dingy, smelly hotel A review of Radisson Hotel Seattle Airport

Our family of 4 (two adults, two kids age 9 and 13) stayed here on July 12. We had moved from a decent Mariott Residence Inn on Lake Union (downtown Seattle) because we had a 6am flight on July 13. We've never had really good experiences at Radisson Hotels, but this hotel was the closest one we could find to the airport, and we figured the convenience would be worth it given our early departure time.

In retrospect, we probably should have stayed downtown and done the early morning drive in to the airport. The Radisson is a poor hotel. Granted, you can get a room there for as little as $110 a night, but the rooms are not worth that much, in our opinion.

(FYI, as noted by another reviewer, this hotel used to be the "Prime Hotel". It apparently had good management at that time, as it received ok reviews. If you dig further, you'll discover that this also used to be a Wyndham, also with reasonably good reviews. Those decent reviews figure into the current 4 star TA overall rating; in our opinion, there is no way this hotel is better than 2 or 2.5 stars in its current incarnation.)

So here are the details of our stay:

- Check-in: fast, but not the most professional ever. The clerk was efficient but not all that friendly. He also had a somewhat rumpled look about him. At least our reservation details were correct, so that was good.

-Unfortunately, getting the details correct does not guarantee that you'll get the type of room you want at this hotel. We specifically had requested a non-smoking room. Got to the room and it reeked of smoke. Called downstairs and they curtly replied that the hotel was full. The attitude of the staff certainly did not reflect the "100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back" ads that were posted in the room. Of course, we'll write Radisson, but we are expecting little in the way of satisfaction.

-Other room details: the room was fairly small in size. The double beds seemed unusually small and were uncomfortable (even though they are advertised as pillow-top). The carpet was quite dirty, the room was dark, dingy and well-scuffed. The chair at the desk was really dusty! The bathroom was nice (granite counter top) and clean, and you get free wireless internet in the rooms, but those were the only positives.

-The hotel hallways are a dismal and dated beige color (they are also well-scuffed) and had a musty-smell.

-The pool is indoors and is fairly dismal -- about what you get in a Wingate Inn or other small business motel. Our kids are crazy about hotel pools, but even they took one look and said forget it.

-So we were in a room that stunk (literally). All we wanted to do was get out for a few hours, then return for a few hours of sleep before escaping to the airport. Unfortunately, the area around the hotel is not that nice; no shops that we could see. Not many restaurants; just a "Grand Roasters" chicken place and a Denny's close by. We tried the chicken place; it was bad! Some really overpowering seasoning on the chicken made it inedible. Decided to have dessert in the Radisson restaurant. Our waitress was very nice. The cheesecake was not fresh or that tasty really, but it was ok for a sweet fix.

-Checkout at 4:30am was fine and the front desk person on the night shift was nice. The two-minute shuttle ride to the airport was also ok. But be aware that the shuttle does not take you to the terminal itself. After they let you out, you may still have to go up an escalator, across a bridge and then up another escalator before you get to the check-in counters. It might actually have been easier to walk directly from the hotel to the terminal --we didn't have much luggage.

In summary, crash here if you have to, but make sure you don't pay much, because you will not get much. This is a mediocre hotel in desparate need of renovation. I think $60 or $70 per night may be a fairer price than what we paid. The Red Lion Hotel next door and the Gold Coast Hotel a hundred yards away looked newer and might be better than this Radisson; I can't imagine that they would be much worse!

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