Very disappointed A review of Trapp Family Lodge

What a disappointment! From the dingy lobby to the peeling wallpaper, this was not what we expected. We were first given a room with a continuous hum the likes of a jet engine; when we complained we were told the room is above the kitchen and it was probably the kitchen fans. The replacement room was acceptable but not as nice. (No price adjustment was offered.) The lodge was overrun with kids (this is not the place to go for a romantic weekend - I awoke at 5:30 both mornings hearing a screaming child in the room below) and the noise in the bar (from the piano and other patrons) was so loud when we went down for dinner Saturday night that we asked to sit in the library (a request which was refused by the bar manager but then okayed by the restaurant manger, probably only because there was a wait for tables.) There is so much Trapp Family memorabilia that we felt we had been dropped into the Trapp Family Theme Park. We did have a good dinner in the dining room (although it took over two hours to be served a three-course meal). My friend liked the cross-country ski trails, and the view is, of course, unparalled. (The Trapps couldn't commercialize this, at least.) Bakery was so-so. Upon departure I got in the elevator with a bellhop pushing a rack full of luggage; the elevator got stuck, the bellhop pried the doors open and then jumped up and down until the elevator dropped the last 12 inches to the first floor. Yikes. What is the management of this resort doing with with money they must be raking in? We probably won't go back.

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