Very Disappointed A review of Stanley Hotel

My family and I recently stayed at the Stanley and I'm afraid we were quite disappointed with the service. I called the hotel a week before we arrived to confirm our reservations but when we entered our room I found one bed for a family of four. The front desk was not at all helpful in resolving the problem. At one point they informed me that our couch pulled out into a bed. This came as a surprise to me since there was not a couch in our room. My son and daughter wound up sleeping on cots.

There is no air conditioning so summer visitors beware. We were in the Manor house on the third floor and were not informed the elevator was broken. I really felt sorry for the poor maid after finding out she'd dragged our cots up two flights of stairs with no assistance. Although the hotel is beautiful to look at there are many signs of neglect. Our carpet had numerous stains, our windows were stuck in the open position, the pool ladder was broken, the tennis court is a complete wreck.

All in all, our stay was a big disappointment.

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