VERY DISAPPOINTED THAT THIS RESORT WAS RATED A 4 STAR!!!!!!!!!! A review of Coconut Palms Beach Resort 2

When we arrived on Sunday APRIL the 13, the pool was freezing. MONDAY when the pool was still freezing and I, don't mean cold I mean freezing I contacted the main office to ask if we could use one of the other pools and I explained why. I was told that the resort didn't allow pool sharing. Then after a week of my kids only being able to swim for just a couple of hours in the middle of the day and coming out with their lips purple, the lady checking the water on SATURDAY morning told us that the heater to our pool had been broken and we could use one of the other pools!!! BOY it sure would have been nice to have used the other pools the whole week that we were there instead of just one day. WE save for a whole year to take our children on vacation!AND their favorite part is the pool, so you can guess how this years vacation rated!!! SO how is it that it takes a resort rated as high as yours so long to fix a heater to the pool! AND why could you not have toldus the heater was broken and we could use one of the other pools. YOU sure didn't have a problem sending someone around twice that week to stick notices in our doors to tell of your events that you were having or to call us during the week to ask us to come and pick up our welcome package that informed us that if we took a tour of your resort we could get free gifts!!! THANK goodness we do not own at your resort that is listed 4 star resort and I am happy to say that we do own at 4 star resort(limetree in Sarasota) and they do treat their guest as such! SINCERELY, DIANE ROWLAND CANTON, N.C.

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