Very Classy! A review of Amway Grand Plaza Hotel

The Amway hotel is the ONLY hotel to stay at in Grand Rapids. It is absolutely beautiful with it's gold plated ceilings, velvet curtains and stunning flower arrangements. If you enjoy atmosphere, you'll get more than your share here! The main thing I love about the Amway is it's attention to detail, (at least looks wise) in the hotel. Cygnus, at the top of the hotel, is a restaurant with a great mood and amazing view. The 1913 Room is the best food I've had in my life! The staff, especially at the front desk, could use more training, they are always messing things double check your bill. But other than that one setback, and the fact they chanrge like $2 to use the pool... it is the only hotel to stay at. One you will always remember! Also, one added bonus is the flower shop in the hotel, that can have flowers and chocolates delivered to your room before you get there. Perfect for that romantic evening! I would reccomend this hotel to anyone coming in town and even though I live in Grand Rapids, I take plenty of my guests there and even had all my out of town guests stay there for my wedding! It is as close to perfect as you are going to get!

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Amway Grand Plaza Hotel
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