Very bad experience A review of Akcent Hotel Prague

What had all the makings to be an OK hotel - one of which being the good reviews posted so far - ended up being something to avoid.

First the pluses - location is OK (although certainly not the styliest part of Prague), with little traffic noise, and the rooms and bathrooms are large, clean and modern. Service was also OK.

Now all the problems we had:

1) After 8am the power generator starts working - the noise is unbearable and the room actually shakes

2) Breakfast buffet is just appaling

3) the hotel seems to attract a noisy, young crowd

4) The worst Kafkian experience of all was a very frightening fire alarm sounding at 3:30am (due to some students smoking in their room). There was little information anywhere for a long time other than "there is a very serious technical problem" loud message being played over and over again. No information was provided by reception, fire escapes were all CLOSED! - and we ended up for quite a few minutes having the whole hotel occupancy out in their pijamas wondering what to do, nowhere to go and noone to help...

Overall, a very bad experience in what could otherwise be an OK hotel (but never a good hotel, frankly do not understand where the good reviews come from!)

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