Vacation from hell A review of Jupiter Beach Resort

Six days before leaving for Jupiter, we received a letter stating that the resort is under renovation. The rooms were in obvious need of redecorating but the urine that kept the toilet seat clamped shut, the smell of urine in the air, the hair strewn over the bathroom shelves and floor and dirty unwashed dishes in the cupboard were unacceptable. Wouldn't you think? We were unable to get wash clothes and toilet paper. Our electricity was out for extended amounts of time for 3 of the days. We were advised of a 10 minute wait as hours passed. No cable either!!! The jackhammer pounding in the walls next to us, the floor above us and the balcony just outside our room went on for 8 hours Mon-Fri. Try eating lunch or resting with the "sound of an MRI" pounding for hours. The pool and sandbar closed during the afternoon rain -not to reopen until late the next day. Forget about an evening swim with the children. We wasted our timeshare week at a luxury property in Vegas for this! Our complaints fell on dead ears at the front desk where promises of giving us another room were left broken.

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