Up All Night A review of The Mission Inn Hotel and Spa

Stayed here Dec 2003 for one night.

Good: Staff very friendly, valet parking reasonable, efficient even when busy.

Average: Room was musty, furniture was small, but in keeping with the mission theme. Looked more outdated and boring than luxurious. Bathroom was ok, but there was hair (yuck!) on one of the towels. Housekeeping gave us clean towels quickly. Holiday lights were okay, but overall, we felt this place has had its day.

Bad: When we arrived, we had a tiny room, but we'd booked a jr. suite at $395 per night, with a "fireplace and private terrace." To their credit, they quickly switched us to a jr. suite, and said it was un "upgrade" and would only charge us for the smaller room ($195.) Still, the jr. suite we got didn't have a fireplace or private terrace (found out later that the fireplaces are decorative, anyway...) Still not sure what I thought I was booking!

Worst: Bed was on a wall that was shared with an indoor/outdoor corridor. Due to a wedding, people walked up and down it all night. When someone spoke, it sounded as if they were two feet away from you, with no wall in between. Every word was perfectly clear. Worse, directly outside the bedroom window, on the same wall, was a fire door. This meant that every time someone walked through, they had to pound open the fire door bar, and this was incredibly loud. It sounded like a train wreck and the huge, antique bed actually shook.

Needless to say, we got no sleep at all. When the wedding people finally stopped walking back and forth at 5:00 a.m., the room service guys started walking by with breakfasts and papers.

The manager was apologetic and understanding, and didn't charge us for anything, including the breakfast we'd ordered at 6 a.m. when we finally decided we wouldn't be able to sleep at all. She said she'd check into it, but also said we were the first to complain. She seemed very sincere, but I have a hard time believing nobody else would complain. This was NOT regular hotel noise. This was literally like jackhammering on the wall, or someone coming into your room and shaking your bed.

Bottom line: If we hadn't been kept up by unreasonable noise, we still would have been frustrated by the confusion over the type of room we booked. Even though they tried to make things right for us, I just didn't get the feeling it would have been a special place even without the problems.

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