UNSURPASSED ! A review of Shade Hotel

I have never written a review of any type on the internet, but felt compelled to do so after my stay at Shade Hotel in Manhattan beach. From the minute we drove up to the valet until breakfast on the terrace the next morning, we were in awe of the hotel's beauty and unsurpassed service. The rooms are exquisite and it's hard to explain in words---the spa tub, sliding frosted doors into the bathroom, pebble shower, rich wood furniture, and tempur beds. (we are now in the process of buying one of these beds for our home). We loved the hotel so much that we brought our kids the following week where we went surfing and walked the quaint town. A friend of mine from the east coast travels into Los Angeles once a month on business and I strongly recommended Shade to him after my two visits. He stayed on the second week of December and sent me an e-mail last week thanking me for a great recommendation. Again, I felt compelled to put this in words. Great job Shade Hotel!

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