Unprofessional, but Clean A review of Comfort Suites Lake George

We stayed at this Comfort Suites because we were in town for a wedding, and it was a place to stay. We're usually wary about the cleanliness of hotels like this, especially way upstate in the "boonies", but this one was new and it was very clean. Check-in was a little odd - we had to yell "is anyone here?" after waiting some time at the counter (5 -10 minutes). The room was perfectly fine, although "suite" is a bit of an over-statement.

The staff is a little strange. One evening, we asked for a recommendation for a good local place to have breakfast, and one of the yahoos working their started raving about this place called "Poopy's". He said it's where all the locals go, and that his twin brother, who would be working at the front desk in the morning, would give us directions. He also made a fake phone call to make sure Poopy's would be open. It was obvious that the other 2 people at the front desk had never heard of this place, so we knew he was lying, but just to be sure we did a Google search for Poopy's and found nothing. Maybe that's how mountain-people have fun with visitors? Not really sure, but it's not very professional, even for a place like this. Considering the hotel might not exist it if weren't for tourists from places like NYC and Boston, they should choose their staff more carefully.

Still, as long as I just needed a place to stay and wasn't actually on a vacation, I'd probably stay here again.

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