Unpleasantly Surprised A review of Hillcrest Inn

We stayed at this facility on Feb.24.2006 for 2 nights. We were in Rm 121. Our opinion is listed below:

Pros: Helpful Front Office Staff Member helped me find a clinic when I became sick. She was friendly and went the extra mile for us.

Cons: Carpet was filthy.

Dusty lamp over table.

Toilet leaked at base.

Noisy heat register was very distracting.

Parking is limited.

Bottom Line: I can't recommend this facility to anyone.

The Hillcrest Inn has a wide variety of rooms and we feel that though we are small in size we can provide almost anything a guest wants in a fashion that will leave the guest with a happy experience and wanting to come back. We make every effort to satisfy the dissatisfied. We are so sorry that this particular guest went away unhappy without giving us the chance to make it right.

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