Unlike any other Houston Hotel A review of The Houstonian

All I can say is wow! I am not sure why the other reviews are negative, but my husband and I had a wonderful stay at the Houstonian. We live in a suburb outside of the city and we wanted to have some fun in the city. We chose the Houstonian based on its reputation in the city. We recieved perfect service! The new pool is great place to get some sun, the spa service was out of this world!

The rooms are very nicely decorated. Bathrooms are small, but this hotel has been around since the early 80's. Most of the hotels I have been in here in Houston have the same size bathroom...the only acceptions are the ones built right before the superbowl. I have been in smaller bathrooms in NYC and in Chicago, and really, who spends that much time in the bathroom when you have so many things to do! I would definatly recommend this hotel for a quick get away or for a frequent business traveler who wants to experience something new.

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