Unlike any Marriott Hotels in the country!! A review of JW Marriott Houston

Very impersonal front desk clerk on afternoon shift. Lacked the warmth and welcome you feel in Marriott and Four Seasons.

Restaurants staff were great. Lady at Concierge very helpful. Front desk staff on evening shift and supervisor/manager on evening and overnight shift are incompetent. Despite repeated reminders and calls, they still cannot deliver what is requested by guests but keep promising and assuring s/he will take care of guest request! No communication at all......between shifts and departments.

Got stuck in elevator for 1 hour 45 minutes...... had to keep calling front desk from my cell phone number four times!! Staff and manager showed no sense of urgency!! Could hear radio transmission of front desk clerk calling maintenace staff with no success! For 1 hour hotel staff assumed that I was out of elevator because they did not hear from me for a while!! The emergency phone inside the elevator did NOT work! Elevator made weird sporadic noise with horizontal and vertical shake!

No hotel staff ever called to inquire about my concern, safety or well being. Flew back home next day and wrote a letter to the General Manager to shed a light on overall service and facility/equipment malfunction. To my dismay, I have NOT heard from anybody from JW Marriott Houston. Apalling customer service, uncaring management style and no follow-ups at all. I did NOT expect any compensation but DID expect a courtesy call and an apology. I pray and hope that children, senior citizens and folks with medical conditions do NOT get stuck in elevator at JW Marriott Houston where help, care and sense of urgency does not exist.

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