Unique and Great for Kids! A review of Red Caboose Motel, Restaurant & Gift Shop

There is nothing like the Red Caboose that I know of, and it makes for a special vacation on its on without having to leave the premises--particularly if you have kids age 1-10. You stay in an actual train car that's been refurbished as a room. Up to four can sleep in each car, but we stayed in the "Farmhouse" which I think is nicer: two separate rooms furnished in country style. Fronting the Farmhouse is a petting zoo of sorts with goats, pigs, chickens, and donkeys, complete with grub for the animals that the kids will never tire of feeding to them. There is an actual barn in the back, and on weekends they have hoedowns -- yes, real hoedowns with a live band -- that was so enjoyable that I can't understand why they don't promote it to the whole town. Further, there is a restaurant with decent food in one of the train cars on the property, plus horse-driven buggies that you can ride on, just like the Amish people who live all around the Red Caboose. The most magical part of our trip was our buggy ride, I think; it was at dusk through the corn and tobacco fields that surround the Motel, driven by an "ex-" Amish person. Very educational!!! Also, just a quarter-mile down the road you can take a train ride on a steam train which I think is the longest-running train of its kind. The train takes you round trip through some of the most picturesque countryside you will ever see -- and what kid doesn't like train rides??? Also on the Red Caboose property is a gift shop that has a lot of old train stuff and other cool stuff, so if you're a train buff The Red Caboose is "the" place to stay. For city folk like me, my stay here was relaxing, peaceful, and serene. Don't miss it!!!

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