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The Princess Bayside is known is Ocean City as being one of the higher end hotels in the beach town. However, after my stay in August I realized that this hotel can no longer be recognized as a high-end hotel, as it is advertised. Firstly, there was no sheet on the beds that covered the mattress. Therefore,when I was sleeping during the night and I would roll over, the sheet that was supposed to be fitting the mattress was just a plain sheet so when I moved around when I awoke in the morning, half of my body was laying ontop of a dirty mattress. That is gross! A high end hotel should have sheets that fit the mattress. When I spoke to the management about this problem, one particular manager laughed at me telling me that my complaint was absurd! Another issue with the hotel was all of the vending machines were broken. Not only could I not find a cold drink anywhere in the hotel but it took my money as well. Another problem with this hotel was a shortage of towels. The maid only left me and my roomate with two shower towels and two hand towels. When I called to request more, the towels never arrived at my room and I had to walk all the way down to the front desk, which happened to be in the other building, just to get my towels. I would not reccomend this hotel to anyone looking for a high-end hotel.

All of our guests concerns are valid to the hotel's management staff. In this case it is our hotel standard to use flat sheets to make up the beds, in fact it is the common standard in our area.

It is our goal to respond in a timely fashion to guest's reguests, this guest asked for additional towels, although provided with two full sets for two guests in the room, the hotel apologizes for not delivering additional towels as quickly as the guest desired.

We apologize for any inconvenience this guest experienced during thier stay, we strive to provide the best in customer satisfaction to all of our guests.

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